Monday, 14 November 2011

(Last Ever) Major Project

  Well it's about time I posted something about our major project. We've had a couple of weeks on it so far but we've now started pre-production on our final major projects. The brief is essentially the same as last years, four projects, two of which have to be collaborative. My housemates and myself have decided to get a team together and create a short film (emphasis on the short). This film would take up most of our Major projects for each of us. First we needed an idea to base it around. We had already agreed that we wanted to place it in a historical setting and we wanted the emphasis to be on quality as opposed to focusing on a narrative or length. Over the summer I had the idea of depicting a military camp under attack by a horde of barabarian-esque guys. The emphasis would be on the fight sequences and some nice cinematography. After discussing it with the guys and a bit of tweaking we settled on this as our idea.

  We're going to be looking in to some advanced techniques such as various effects in both Maya and After Effects and things such as sub-surface scattering for the characters. I put together a really rough animatic that could be used for the mean time to pitch to other people to try and get across the idea in general and so they can get a feel for what it is that we want to accomplish. Obviously it doesnt reflect the quality we want for the final thing and it will have a LOT of revisions and also slightly less russell crowe :P

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