Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Now for some of my collaborative work . . .


Here are some images of my mech and character that I am doing for my personal projects.

Monday, 17 January 2011

a long time coming . . .

Woah, it's still here. That's right, I managed to track down my blog again. This obviously means that I have lots of work to upload!!! But first, I have managed to sort out what I am doing for each of my four projects (two personal, two collaborative). For personal projects I have designed a mech for one which I am quite pleased with and for my other project, I will be building a character/mercenary. My collaboratives on the the other hand took a bit longer to sort out. My first collaborative involves doing three weapon designs (an assault rifle, an energy-based weapon and a heavy weapon) for another students game demo idea. This will involve doing obviously the initial concepts and designs and taking into consideration a low-poly build and projection mapping. For my other collaborative is to build a house for a friends short film. The film will be rendered straight from 3DS Max so I won't need to worry so much about the poly count of the build. There are my projects that I have settled with and I will soon upload some images detailing my design process.