Saturday, 3 December 2011

Character update

Okay, I would have liked to have posted some things a bit sooner but I've been having various setbacks so I've been busy trying to sort them out. So I'll post a bit of progress.

This screenshots are from an earlier version of the model which I have since updated. This was mostly a stage of blocking out all of the forms and making sure I was happy with the anatomy and where it was heading.

This is where my model is at now, I've included images of my low poly version that I'll be baking the information from my high poly sculpt on to. I obviously adjusted the forms a bit (especially in the face) to try and suit my reference images a bit closer. The low poly comes in at just over 9000 polys and the sculpt is something like 9.5 million haha. Overall I think it has come out pretty well for my first zbrush character. The next step will be to polypaint the model and pose it. Then I will work on baking it all to the low poly version. :)

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