Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's Chieftain Time!!

So first things first, my first character to build was the chieftain. He's the big, bad, evil guy for our film. My main idea behind him was basically to have him massive, towering over our protagonist. then throw in some animal furs and nasty looking armour and that's that. Here's the model sheet that I created for him.

 He got off to a decent start, and after going back and forth from 3ds Max to ZBrush this was the base mesh that I ended up with. (Sorry for the less than flattering renders)

 So that's what I managed to arrive at. I decided to create him with his trousers etc. on because you would never see his legs underneath so there was no need. I think I made him look big enough, obviously this will only become apparent when next to other characters. My main concern was the topology and whether or not it would work well for animation which obviously was something we need to be thinking of the whole time. It came pretty good in the end and I think it should work quite well for a base mesh.

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